Drag Race DataMite 3.7


Drag Race DataMite 3.7

You can record from various sensors like shock travel; oil or fuel
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You can record from various sensors like shock travel; oil, fuel or nitrous pressures; oil, transmission or water temperatures; exhaust temperatures; infra red track temperature etc, It has a built in 3 axis accelerometer (G sensor) and can also record weather information. Now you will always get your density altitude, weather corrections, humidity on every pass without even thinking about it. Using information about the car like tire sizes, gear ratios, etc, you can also calculate additional parameters like tire slip, clutch or converter slip, MPH, distance, etc.

Main Features:

-Capability to configure and calibrate the software for most any combination of sensors.

-Capability to tailor the program to work with most any type of vehicle.

-User friendly, Windows interface, compatible with 95, 98, Me, XP, 2000 and NT.

-Can print results using most any Windows compatible printer, many times in color.

-Save nearly unlimited number of tests for recall, comparison and analysis in the future.

-Allows several reporting and graphing options for analysis, either vs RPM or vs time in seconds.

-Real time display of selected channels.

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